Google Sites - a free website builder

  • Google Sites is a Google product allowing you to create free websites within a few clicks.

  • You can create websites easily without coding skills.

  • Google also allows you to add a custom domain and publish your sites to the world.

  • Your team can collaborate to edit a Google Sites website in real-time, the changes will be automatically updated for the rest of your team.

  • Once you create a Google Sites, it is added to your Drive with other files; you can delete or edit like what you do with Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

If you already heard of Wix, Squarespace, or WordPress, Google Sites is a similar website builder tool, but I guarantee it is much more user-friendly, simple, functional, and cost-effective for beginners who want to build a simple website to share personal information, resume, or portfolio. Or if you want to create a class website, Google Sites is an ideal choice.

Businesses can also use Google Sites as a published or private website to show services, company information or use it as a sharing hub to share files between companies members.

Google Sites is part of the Google Working space, so you can easily drag and drop Docs, Sheets, or Slide files into it.

To create a Google Sites website, all you need is a Gmail account but who doesn't have it? Google Sites allows you to create unlimited websites within 15 GB that Google offers.

To get started, go to, choose a prepared template or customize one for yourself to create a professional-looking site. One good thing is Google Sites is responsive which means it will automatically adjust to best fit on desktops and mobile devices.

Overall, I would say that Google Sites is not as comprehensive as WordPress or Wix. But if you're looking for a free website builder for a simple information website, resume, portfolio, service information, or a class website, then Google Sites is exactly what you're looking for.