You can purchase pre-made Google Sites design templates if you find a suitable template. Or you can hire me to design a unique Google Sites website for your brand. I will help you from scratch until your website goes live.

Google Sites website is most suitable for providing information, writing news, articles, showing products or portfolios. If you want to have an e-commerce website, consider WordPress or other platforms to be the priority.

Pricing a Google Sites website?

Our pricing is based on the number of pages.

  1. If you buy a template, there are around 6 - 10 pages.

  2. If you want to hire us to design a site we can help you design up to 25 or more pages

Do you have to pay monthly or annual fees?

It's free. You can use your Google account with free hosting for your Google Sites. But if you would like to have a custom domain name you can buy one on Goddady for around $12/year.

What about the payment?

  1. If you purchase a template, you must pay first and we will share a template with your email.

  2. If you want to hire us to design, we require 50% payment to build on a site using your provided information. The other 50% payment after you are satisfied with the final Google Sites website.