1. Create a portfolio website to show your work

  • Designer: all graphic designers want to share their ideas to the world and Behance is the best platform to make it true. However, Google Sites also offers you a great opportunity to share your artwork and get clients from all over the world to find you. That would be nice if you buy a custom domain from https://domains.google https://godaddy.com https://www.namecheap.com then add it to your Google Sites.

Here are examples:



  • Photographer/ filmmaker: Google Sites is a free website builder allowing you to layout your photos/ videos easily, you can upload as many photos/ videos as you wish within 15 GB of storage Google gives you. You can also write blogs on Google Sites to help people throughout the world find you when searching on Google.

Here are examples:





  • Architect: If you are looking for a quick way to share buildings/houses you created or to let your mission of creating be found, Google Sites is a good choice for you. You can add an image carousel, GIF, videos, embed your Instagram, Twitter or Facebook posts to get your future clients to be in touch with you.

Check out the example: https://www.avoxarchitects.co.za/

  • Researcher: It’s amazing when you can share all the articles you published in one place, now your colleagues can read it easily on your site, just embed the articles links or add a link to your websites. If it is stored on a .doc/ Sheet/ Slide or PDF files you can share them to your Google Sites which is compatible with Google services.

The examples are below:



2. Create a website to sell your services

Whether you run a Law firm, a hotel, own an Online marketing agency, or do Graphic design services, Google Sites can help generate your ideas and bring them to life.

Showcasing what your business does with real proof and who is in your team increases the chance your clients contact you and choose you to be the one they would go with, in the long run.

Plus, just imagine these sites are like your online brochures/ flyers which save your money because it doesn’t cost any printing fee, so you are helping save the paper as well as our mother earth.

Find inspiration via these examples:




3. Create an online resume website

Google Sites help you to show more about your personal brand, your experiences, education, your achievements, and more in an interactive way that allows viewers to navigate around easily or click on your social media links.

Google Sites is clean, modern, functional, and simple to use. Click the links below to explore more examples.




4. Build a class website for student

https://www.petersfieldhigh.com is a good example for a school website.

Online learning is becoming more and more popular due to covid 19. Teachers need an effective platform to share course information, syllabus, schedule, video resources for students to fill in feedback about their wishes, and more.

Google Sites has all the tools you need to make it easier for teachers and students to interact with each other and makes teaching and studying more fun.