PNN preschool


Scope of work
Logo, identity

Ms. Trang Bedford

Main designer
Tim Nguyen

Logo idea

The logo of PNN Preschool is influenced by the famous Vietnamese song "Chú voi con ở bản Đôn," which is known to all children and parents across the country. The elephant symbolizes intelligence, height, strength, resilience, and a connection to nature, as they have the ability to comprehend emotions, body language, and empathy.

The nurturing aspect of mother elephants, who care for and protect their young, providing them with both knowledge and inner strength through their milk, is reflected in the goal of PNN Preschool to create a peaceful environment for children to grow up in, with the love and care of their teachers. The school environment, with its lush grasslands, shady trees, and fragrant flowers, fosters the children's physical health and well-being.